April 11-15

We will start "STAAR Boot Camp" this week. Each day we will review a concept the students learned this year.  They should be studying the information in their interactive notebooks each night for 10-15 minutes for the next 4 weeks.  We can do this!

April 4-7

Students will take a science benchmark on Monday.  We will go to the zoo on Tuesday.  The rest of the week we will learn the about inherited traits and learned behavior.


March 28th-April 1

What adaptations do you have?  We will looks at various adaptions animals have that help them survive.


March 21-25

This week we will review food chains/web.  We will also learn how animals adapt to their environment.


March 7-11-


We will learn about the carbon oxygen cycle this week.

Feb. 29-March 1

We will begin our life cycles unit. 

The review for the CBA will be given out on Thursday.  We will go over the review on Friday.  CBA on Monday.

Feb. 22-26

We will learn about fossil fuels and alternative energy.  We will watch Journey to the Center of the Earth on Thursday.  

Friday is a half day and our focus will be our community service project. 


Feb. 15-19

We will review constructive and destructive forces this week.  The students will take a quiz on Wednesday.  We will begin learning about natural resources towards the end of the week.

Feb. 8-12

The students will play a destructive/constructive game for review.  We will take notes over glaciers and the students will watch an ice lab demonstration.  On Thursday the students will complete the "Plates on the Move Lab" , and we will end the week by exploring "Barker's Cave".


Feb. 1-5

January 25-29th

Monday- CBA

Tuesday/Wednesday- Chocolate Rocks Lab

Thursday- Correct CBA/ Discuss Chocolate Rocks Lab

Friday- A big erosion table is coming to Mary Orr!  The students will see how water changes and create landforms.

January 19-22

We will go to the computer lab on Tuesday to do a climate and weather webquest.  We will begin learning about weathering, erosion, and deposition this week also. A CBA review will go out this week.  The students will take the CBA on Monday.

January 11-15

Students will learn about weather tools and symbols.  We will also learn the difference between weather and climate.  Friday is an early release day and we will focus on our community project.  We will be making cat toys for the Mansfield shelter.

January 5-8th

Water Cycle Stations this week!  Welcome Back!

Dec. 14-18

The students will take a quiz over Space on Monday. They will review concepts we have learned so far by completing a Winter Lab.  Holiday Party will be on Friday!



We will review the moon phases and complete "Space Stations" this week.

Nov. 30-Dec. 4th

Students will make a "Travel to the Sun Brochure" this week.  We will visit the Perot Museum on Wednesday...so excited about that!  The students will learn what causes day/night and season also.  

October 12-16


Tuesday- Simple Machines (computer lab)

Wednesday-Thursday- Force and Motion lab

Friday- Create a Roller Coaster with the fastest speed/ Cut the Rope

August 31-September 4

We will learn how to use science lab tools, find the volume of irregular shapes, measure using the metric system, and practice making and analyzing graphs.  

All students must return a signed safety contract before participating in a lab.  Our first lab will be Wednesday.  

Safety Contrat
safety contract (1).pdf
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August 24-28

This week we will discuss safety in the science classroom.


Please sign up for Remind 101.  I can send short reminders about events and due dates via text messages. 


Sign Up for Remind 101
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Issac Newton-Standing on the Shoulders of Giants.